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Foundation FAQ's

Q:  Understanding what the Foundation supports, are there items that the Foundation does NOT support?
A: Despite best efforts, the EQT Foundation does not have the resources to provide financial support to all of the worthwhile programs and organizations that tackle the growing social and economic needs of our communities and does not consider proposals for the following:

  • Institutions, organizations or groups that are not tax exempt under IRS Section 501(c)(3)
  • Capital campaigns or costs (includes endowments, new construction and building renovations, mortgage/rent, etc.)
  • Churches or other organizations whose purpose promotes a particular religion or creed
  • Political parties, candidates, or public policy advocates
  • For-profit activities, businesses, associations or organizations
  • Tax-supported entities (including public school systems)
  • Fraternal, social, union or hobby/recreational clubs or organizations
  • Before/After school programs
  • Personnel costs
  • Sporting events, including charity golf outings
  • Mentorship programs (other than ASPIRE, EQT’s student scholarship and mentor program
  • Scholarship programs (other than those historically supported by EQT)
  • Emergency or stop-gap funding
  • Organizations located outside of the United States
  • Organizations whose mission, operating philosophy or activities are in direct conflict with EQT company policy and could potentially damage the company’s reputation or could result in negative publicity for the company

Q: How often does the EQT Foundation review grant applications?  Are there deadlines?
A: The Foundation reviews grants on a quarterly basis with deadlines as follows: February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1.

Q: Is the EQT Foundation the only outlet for funding from EQT Corporation?
A: No, EQT Corporation provides other avenues of support through sponsorships of local events throughout the operating area, as well as via community-based donations.

Q: How was the EQT Foundation created?
A: The EQT Foundation was created in 2003 with an initial funding of approximately $17 million worth of Westport Resources Corporation shares. When Westport was sold by EQT, these funds were used to establish the Foundation. The shares — as opposed to a direct cash donation — allow for a more efficient manner of continual funding for the community.

Q: What is the average size of a grant?
A: While grant sizes can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project, the average grant awarded by the EQT Foundation is $20,000.

Q: When will organizations be notified if they received a grant?
A: Organizations can generally expect to receive an answer within six to eight weeks after the close of the application deadline. 

Q: In what geographic areas does the Foundation award grants?
A: The EQT Foundation tends to award grants in the same geographic footprint of EQT Corporation’s business operations.  For the most part, that area includes southwestern Pennsylvania (Allegheny, Greene, and Washington Counties), northern West Virginia (Doddridge, Harrison, Marion, Ritchie, Tyler, and Wetzel Counties), and Belmont County, Ohio. 

Q:  Who makes the funding decisions for grants awarded through the EQT Foundation?
A: All recommendations for grant funding come from a diverse internal committee made up of EQT representatives, and are approved by the Foundation Board, which is comprised of EQT senior leadership.  

Q: Are there restrictions to using the grant within a specific timeframe?
A: While there are no specific guidelines on when dollars awarded for programs and initiatives are spent, it is customary for grants to be completed in one year.  Upon expenditure of all grant funds, all funded organizations must submit a grant evaluation report to be eligible to receive additional funds from the EQT Foundation.  

For inquiries, contact:
Ellen Rossi
EQT Foundation Manager