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The EQT Foundation awards nearly 100 grants a year to various organizations throughout EQT’s operating areas.  A few highlights of those programs receiving grants are:

EQT Children's Theater Festival

The EQT Children’s Theater Festival attracts more than 25,000 visitors to the festival grounds in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, with its music, dance, professional theater, and visual arts from around the world. The Festival offers families the opportunity to immerse themselves in performances by a host of international artists’ different cultures and perspectives.  The Festival, which offers more than 135 events, 55 featured performances, and more than 50 free activities, seeks to open doors for children and families to experience professional performing arts in an accessible and affordable way. 

Power Your Future 


Power Your Future is an innovative mobile exhibit that educates students and communities across West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio on the science behind the gas industry.  The exhibit uses interactive games and activities to take visitors on a journey through the exploration and extraction of natural gas, the engineering and technology of processing it, and the many uses of this important natural resource. Each student’s visit ends with a short video clip of his or her future career in the gas industry, created with data collected in the experience. These short animations allow guests to “power their future” as they see themselves taking on a variety of roles, which could include anything from a well supervisor to a drilling engineer to a community relations specialist! 

Southwestern Pennsylvania Coat Program


EQT believes in giving back to the communities in which it operates and has supported Operation Warm since 2008, offering warm winter coats for children from families that cannot afford to provide  them on their own. Many children are frequently absent from school during cold weather, simply because they don’t have a proper winter coat. Not only do they then miss out on critical classroom instruction time, but are deprived of the nutrition provided by the free/reduced price meals offered daily. Operation Warm coats provide children from low-income families with a tool to help them maintain daily school attendance during harsh winter weather.

ASPIRE (Area Students Participating in Rewarding Education)


ASPIRE provides college-bound high school students in the greater Pittsburgh region with one-on-one mentoring and scholarships. EQT employees volunteer their time to help students make more informed decisions, and provide assistance with life choices and career development by providing guidance with long range planning and personal development, as well as assistance with college selection and financial aid applications. Students apply as sophomores and enter the program as juniors. Since its inception in 1995, ASPIRE has helped prepare hundreds of Pennsylvania and West Virginia students for college, and awarded them $750,000 in scholarships. View www.aspireprogram.org for more details.

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