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Local Government and Community Affairs

EQT created the position of Local Government and Community Affairs Specialist to provide a local, personalized contact point for elected officials, business owners and residents interested in our operational activities. The Local Government and Community Affairs Specialists, who are employees of EQT, are located in or near their assigned geographic areas and serve as facilitators to help build relationships with local officials, business leaders, emergency responders, and residents who want to interact with the Company. Because they are in our operating communities on a daily basis, these employees are a great source of information that the Company can use to identify concerns before they become problems, as well as suggest ways that we can strengthen our own processes and procedures. Their roles can also serve as community advocates ensuring that issues reach the right person in the Company and ultimately achieve resolution.

We currently have Local Government and Community Affairs Specialists assigned to the following areas in our core Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale operating areas: 

Community Advisors

North Central and Southwestern Pennsylvania

Stephanie Paluda
Email: spaluda@eqt.com

Greene County, Pennsylvania

Casey Durdines
Email: cdurdines@eqt.com

Northern West Virginia and Eastern Ohio

Bradley Bodkin
Email: bobodkin@eqt.com