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Land Leasing

Land Leasing

Why Lease with EQT

  • Safety is a top priority for EQT – we will not compromise safety to gain a business advantage.
  • We understand the importance of establishing trust – operating with honesty, fairness and integrity are thoroughly integrated into our business model
  • We are committed to protecting our environment, and work to preserve and protect the land, air and water where we live and do business.
  • Social responsibility is integrated into every aspect of our business – investing in the economic and social growth of your community helps improve quality of life for those living near our operations.
  • Innovative drilling techniques, high success rates and low-cost operations, including green completions and reduced flaring, means more royalties for landowners.
  • Integrated production, processing and transport operations, combined with wet and dry gas experience, helps us get your gas to market faster – producing greater returns for your lease.

The Leasing Process

The Land departments for EQT’s production and midstream businesses negotiate with property owners and those who own the mineral rights to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships in the form of a contractual lease or right-of-way agreement. Here is a summary of how the process works:

  • Phase One: EQT researches the ownership records on each tract of land we are interested in leasing. In some cases, complex ownership records can increase the time it takes to complete this research.
  • Phase Two: Based on research, we will make a preliminary determination regarding the ownership of the gas and oil, or minerals, on each tract. EQT will then work with the owner to enter into a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • Phase Three: The lease or right-of-way agreement establishes the terms of the relationship between the owner and EQT.

For more information, please contact the EQT Leasing Inquiry Hotline:
Email: EQTLandLeasing@eqt.com

833-LEASE-EQT (833-532-7337)