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Environmental Stewardship

EQT is committed to operating in a manner that protects the environment while remaining economically competitive. We believe that we owe our customers and our team members more than just a good energy source at a competitive price. We owe them a commitment to our future through good stewardship of the environment. We not only meet federal, state and local regulations that govern air emissions, wastewater discharges and mitigation practices, but often exceed them.

Clean-Burning Natural Gas

Finding environmentally responsible ways to help meet our nation’s energy needs requires a balance of short and long-term interests. Clean burning natural gas is an important part of our country’s energy mix, and we are proud to be a major producer of natural gas and even prouder to produce and transport it in an environmentally responsible manner.

Mitigating Environmental Impact

As our business expands, we routinely assess the potential environmental impacts of our operations and implement best management practices to minimize these impacts. This process also provides community leaders and other interested stakeholders the opportunity to express their concerns and ask questions. We are committed to being responsible and responsive when it comes to the environment. 

For more information on our Methane Monitoring and Repair Program, visit the Methane Emissions page.      

Building Relationships with Environmental Groups

To protect and enhance the environment, EQT has collaborated with the Wildlife Habitat Council, a non-profit environmental organization, to establish best management practices for our pipeline construction, designed to blend our projects naturally into the environment.

For more information about Environmental Stewardship at EQT, please contact:

Joe Dawley
Email:  jdawley@eqt.com