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Our Responsibility

Being a Good Neighbor

Being a Good Neighbor At EQT, our business is about more than just the innovative production and transportation of energy resources; it’s also about being a good neighbor. Just like the friends and neighbors in your community, we strive for a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, our partners, and residents in the regions where we do business.

Strong, healthy neighborhoods are made up of neighbors who talk to one another, who respect each other and each other’s property, and who take care of one another. At EQT, we pledge to do our part to build strong, neighborly relationships:
  • We’ll keep you updated on the projects on which we are working and where
  • We’ll be considerate of land owners and their land, as well as the beautiful Appalachian landscape where we are so privileged to work
  • We’ll do everything in our power to maintain the safe and secure operation of our wells and pipelines
  • We’ll give back in meaningful ways to the communities that support us and our business

Our Local Government and Community Affairs Specialists provide a personalized contact point in our operational areas, serving as facilitators to help build local relationships.

EQT is looking out for the safe and reliable operations of our rigs, pipes and plants, we are taking responsibility for property where we have rights-of-way, and we are being good stewards of the Appalachian environment. Bringing you efficient, affordable natural gas is our business; doing it as unobtrusively and safely as possible is our commitment.