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Political Engagement


As a company with an emphasis on natural gas production, EQT is subject to federal, state and local legislation and regulation that govern our operations. As policies governing natural gas development continue to be discussed and debated by lawmakers we recognize the vital importance of engagement on these public policy discussions to protect our interests and create value for our shareholders. We actively participate in the political process, including by supporting candidates whose views are aligned with the company’s business interests. To ensure that EQT’s political contributions and expenditures comply with all applicable laws and reflect its corporate values, EQT has adopted policies, summarized below, relating to all of its political expenditures whether made directly with company treasury dollars or by EQT’s Employee Political Action Committees (EQT PAC).

Political Contributions

EQT has two employee PACs: the EQT Employees Pennsylvania State Political Action Committee and the EQT Employees Federal PAC. The EQT Employees Federal PAC accepts voluntary contributions from eligible EQT employees and is registered with the United States Federal Election Commission. It may make contributions or expenditures in support of candidates for federal and state offices, as well as the political committees of those candidates. All EQT PAC contributions and expenditures are approved by the political action committee’s Board of Directors.

Where permitted by applicable law, EQT may support, through contributions of Company treasury dollars, a candidate, political party, political committee, ballot initiative committee, political candidate, or a Section 527 organization. Company management must approve any such use of treasury dollars and the funds must be a part of an approved budget. In no case may EQT make any contribution or expenditure that is prohibited by law.

Criteria for Supporting Candidates

EQT supports those candidates that demonstrate good character and support the domestic production of natural gas. Other criteria that guide EQT’s decision to support a candidate include:

  1. Whether the candidate sits on a committee with jurisdiction over legislation affecting EQT’s businesses;
  2. Whether the candidate represents a district or state in which EQT presently conducts or intends to conduct operations;
  3. The committee standing and ranking of the candidate;
  4. The candidate’s elected leadership position;
  5. The candidate’s voting record; and
  6. Whether the candidate’s views on any particular issue – whether directly related to EQT’s business or not - may place EQT at a competitive disadvantage or impair its corporate reputation.

Trade Associations

Upon the approval of the Company management, EQT may use Company treasury dollars to pay trade association membership dues. Trade associations support member companies by educating the public, advocating the interests of its member companies and industry, fostering critical relationships, and supporting informed public policy decisions. Although EQT may not always agree with all the positions taken by the trade association, EQT’s participation in these associations is determined solely by its business imperatives.

Reporting and Disclosure

EQT annually reports to the Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors all EQT PAC contributions and Company treasury contributions to candidates, political parties, political committees, ballot initiative committees, and Section 527 organizations, as well as trade association dues. A summary of these expenditures is also included in EQT’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report.