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Supplier Diversity

At EQT, we believe that just as cultural diversity strengthens our communities, supplier diversity strengthens our company. That is why we are committed to providing qualified suppliers an equal opportunity to deliver goods and services that meet our business needs.

Through our Supplier Diversity program, EQT seeks to build relationships with businesses that reflect diversity in their ownership, management, workforce, and partnerships. To remain competitive, we also strive to identify suppliers that can deliver quality products and services and help us optimize efficiency in our supply chain so we might be able to pass cost savings along to our customers. We welcome the opportunity to meet and work with diverse suppliers because we recognize that it not only strengthens the communities where we operate, but it strengthens our operations as well.

For more details about EQT’s Supplier Diversity program, contact:
Lance Hyde, Supplier Diversity Manager
Phone: 412-395-3201
Email: lhyde@eqt.com

EQT’s Supplier Diversity Program has Four Key Objectives

We want to increase EQT’s utilization of first tier and sub tier diverse businesses throughout our operational footprint, year after year.

Supplier Augmentation We intend to continually expand EQT’s supplier base by identifying new suppliers who offer innovative solutions and deliver value to our organization.

Education We work to build internal awareness within EQT about our supplier diversity initiatives while simultaneously raising knowledge and understanding about EQT and its operations among diverse suppliers.

Organizational Support We develop processes and procedures that help support diverse suppliers and maximize our organization’s position with key stakeholders and potential customers.